Shopping on a Budget – The Thursday Market

Asok and its surrounding areas on Sukhumvit Road are known to be part of the more high-end district of Bangkok, filled with shopping centers selling both couture and quality imported street brands and restaurants of varied cuisines. However, while most local pedestrians could only afford to treat themselves to a designer bag once every full moon, the more financially modest demographic turn to locally-based markets to keep up with current trends.

The Thai “talad-nut” – literally translating to “meet-up market” – is made up of stalls selling either fashion commodities, electronic gadgets, or food at a cheap price. The name stems from the fact that these markets are not solidly based in the location but rents the space temporarily, therefore being made up of portable stalls that are easy to set-up.

An example of this would be the Thursday market held at Srinakharinwirot University, starting from the university entrance and extending all the way towards the space in between the Faculty of Social Science and Faculty of Education. As the name suggests, this market is only set up on Thursdays for both university students and visitors to shop at.


When personally touring the Thursday Market, it was absolutely crowded with stalls and customers browsing through clothing boutiques of unbranded designs, copies of brands and secondhand branded items, accessories such as headbands and earrings, bags, shoes, underwear, swimwear, glass frames, you name it. All of this and more was squeezed into the confines of Srinakharinwirot’s open space.


At the back of the building towards the right of the entrance was even more crowded with its food stalls selling grilled chicken, northeastern Thai food, simple on-the-go Thai dishes, even sushi on certain occasions, sweet drinks, and local snacks.


If you happen to be exploring the markets and want to temporarily get away from the crowded hassle, the university also has a spacious Starbucks in the Social Science building beside the ATM machines conveniently located for you to take cash out if your shopping exceeds your original budget.


This is just one of the many local markets out there that happens to be near our Asok hotels such as The Key and The Continent Hotel. We also have a large range of hotels that are located near neighboring BTS Skytrain stations such as Nana and Phrom Phong, including, Adelphi Suites, On8, and more. Throughout Bangkok you will also see many set-up local markets in various places, open on different days – not exclusively on Thursdays – where you can experience both the budget local way to shop as well as the urban lifestyle of surrounding shopping complexes.


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